About Joanes

Do you recognize yourself? Do you see yourself in one of these characters or situations that I paint? My work is mainly focused on inclusion and interactions between humans, with love as the main quest of each of them. Love, or rather the lack of it, shapes and molds us into who we are. That is the reason for the hearts. But why the hands then? Because the body has its own nonverbal language, and hands often punctuate its words. The hands, especially because they characterize me and my disability. A road accident, the loss of the use of one hand, and adaptation. Relearning how to write when you’re 6 years old is easier with drawing, and it’s thanks to it that I’ve become definitively left-handed. The important thing is that it’s accessible, the important thing is that you see yourself or recognize someone, the important thing is that we are all connected to each other.